About Us

Reeder & Vermaat History

The rich history of Reeder & Vermaat began in May 1977 when Bill Vermaat knew it was time for a change after spending six years in distribution, he was ready to become a manufacturer’s rep. Charlie Reeder, who was already calling on Bill, offered to partner up with him and start their own manufacturing representative group. That summer Reeder & Vermaat, Inc. was born.  

To begin, Charlie and Bill had to pool their resources to buy a company car. That 1977 Cutlass was used to ensure they could make the rounds establishing new clients. American Sanitary was the first company to hire the duo, with American Granby, Baja, Pac Fab (Pentair), Frost (who later purchased American Sanitary and then became Sta-Rite!), Rainbow, and Hydro-Air were also not far behind. These initial contracts kept gas in their car and change in their pockets, allowing them to create the firm foundation that Reeder & Vermaat is known for today. After their first year in business, Charlie was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, but Bill remained dedicated to seeing their dream come to fruition. The 44 years that have followed continue to be filled with well-established client relationships built on trust, reliability, and superior customer service. 

Our Commitment To You

Reeder & Vermaat has set the bar extremely high when it comes to maintaining relationships with their Manufacturers, Distributors, OEM’s & Dealers. Every business deal and partnership established with Reeder & Vermaat is built upon Bill’s philosophy of holding friends, respect, pride, loyalty, integrity and humility in the highest regard. Through Bill’s leadership, Reeder & Vermaat has become unparalleled in representation in the Midwest as one of the strongest and most professional sales teams in the industry. 

We, at Reeder & Vermaat, Inc., are committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard, which our business partners see every day and greatly appreciate. With these values, we look forward to continuing our commitment to the industry and helping our partners grow their business for years to come.

  • 6 Sales Representatives
  • Covering the Midwest for Over 44 Years
  • Thorough Market Penetration
  • Professional Sales Team that Maintains Strong and Trustworthy Relationships